Learn Directly From Scientists Through Available Webinar Series


Looking for more virtual learning opportunities? NIGMS recently recorded a series of 14 webinars where experts shared their knowledge on topics from infectious disease modeling to pursuing a career in biomedical science. With the start of the 2020-2021 academic year, we’re highlighting a webinar that’s particularly relevant for our Biomedical Beat readers who are educators. You can check out the whole series on the NIGMS YouTube channel.

Erin L. Dolan, Ph.D., explores the similarities and differences between in-person and virtual teaching and how to ensure equity and inclusion in online instruction. Discussion points include:
  • Factors to consider when creating a virtual learning environment
  • Benefits of simplifying and minimizing technologies used
  • Ways to build social interaction, belonging, and intrinsic motivation, which are important for learning

Dr. Dolan is a professor of biochemistry and molecular biology and the Georgia Athletic Association Professor of Innovative Science Education at the University of Georgia in Athens. She studies scalable ways of engaging students in science research and mentoring undergraduate researchers in the life sciences.

Visit our YouTube playlist for webinars on these additional engaging topics:
  • Careers in the biotechnology industry
  • Moving away from the scientific pack in your research
  • Infectious disease modeling research
  • Computational biology and biomedical data science
  • Cryo-electron microscopy
  • Culturally aware mentorship
  • Behavioral research in biomedicine
  • Starting your own lab
  • Leadership and management as a scientist
  • Research and teaching at primarily undergraduate institutions
  • Following your own career path
  • Developing the right skills for your scientific career
  • Writing grant applications

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