Year in Review: Our Top Three Posts of 2020


Over the year, we dove into the inner workings of cells, interviewed award-winning researchers supported by NIGMS, shared a cool collection of science-themed backgrounds for video calls, and more. Here, we highlight three of the most popular posts from 2020. Tell us which of this year’s posts you liked best in the comments section below!

The Science of Infectious Disease Modeling

Oblong light-blue structures with red spots in the middle connected to the surface of a sphere. Spike proteins on the surface of a coronavirus. Credit: David Veesler, University of Washington.

What does “modeling the spread” (or “flattening the curve”) mean, and how does it apply to infectious diseases such as COVID-19? Learn about the science of infectious disease modeling and how NIGMS supports scientists in the field.

Explore Our Virtual STEM Learning Resources

A collage showing a group of animated creatures, the cover of Pathways student magazine, a microscopy image of a viral infection, and an illustration of a human heart. Some of the many virtual learning resources available through NIGMS.

NIGMS supports free education resources that can help you engage students in science. Explore our Science Education Partnership Award program projects and Pathways resources to find STEM learning opportunities for pre-K through grade 12.

The Chemistry of Chocolate

Liquid chocolate forming a heart shape. Credit: iStock.

Chocolate is a favorite treat for many; some people even say it has health benefits. A look into its chemistry explains the science behind the claims and why we crave chocolate so much.