Festive Flu Virus Structure

The H1N1 flu virus as a decorative holiday ornament of blue, white, green, and red, nestled in a grey backdrop with white snowflakes. Refer to text for description.
Credit: Rommie Amaro, Jacob Durrant, Adam Gardner, and colleagues.

Ah, December—a month suffused with light-filled holidays, presents, parties . . . and the spread of colds and flu. This playful image uses a festive approach to the serious science of understanding and finding ways to combat the flu virus.

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Extreme Healing, Weird Genomics, and Bloodsucking Invaders

Quick quiz:  Which organism . . .

  • Can regrow a severed spinal cord?
  • Is a culinary delicacy overseas but an invasive pest in the U.S.?
  • Reveals insights about tissue regeneration, evolution, and cancer biology?

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