Cracking a Ubiquitous Code

We asked the heads of our scientific divisions to tell us about some of the big questions in fundamental biomedical science that researchers are investigating with NIGMS support. This article is the third in an occasional series that explores these Continue reading

Field Focus: High-Quality Genome Sequences Inform the Study of Human Evolution

Leafing through my favorite biology textbook from a handful of years ago, I was struck by the relative brevity of the chapter on human evolution. While other fields of biological research have enjoyed a steady gallop of productivity over the Continue reading

There’s an “Ome” for That

Have you ever collected coins, cards, toy trains, stuffed animals? Did you feel the need to complete the set? If so, then you may be a completist. A completist will go to great lengths to acquire a complete set of Continue reading

The Science of Size: Rebecca Heald Explores Size Control in Amphibians

Credit: Mark Hanson. Rebecca Heald Grew up in: Greenville, Pennsylvania Studied at: Hamilton College, Rice University, Harvard Medical School Job site: University of California, Berkeley Favorite hobby: Cycling A 50-pound frog isn’t some freak of nature or a creepy Halloween Continue reading