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Headshot of Abbey Bigler.

Abbey is a science writer who enjoys making important biological science and public health information accessible to everyone.

Headshot of Rachel Crowley.

Rachel enjoys using her medicinal chemistry training to create accessible public health content and engaging science education resources.

Headshot of Lauren Dolan.

Lauren provides current health and science information through social media, blogs, and other outreach efforts.

Headshot of Christa Reynolds.

Christa works on expanding the Diversity Program Consortium’s outreach through social media, blogs, and other communication approaches.

Headshot of Juli Rose.

Juli enjoys using plain-language writing to inform readers about NIGMS-funded science projects and resources.

Headshot of Kim Rousseau.

Kim is a biomedical researcher turned science writer who loves creating accessible science content that encourages enthusiasm for science, technology, engineering, and math in kids and adults.

Headshot of Jennifer Sizemore.

Jennifer is a public affairs specialist who ensures the most accurate, up-to-date science education information and resources are available to the public.

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