Vibrant Science Backgrounds for Your Video Calls

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Whether you’re teaching remotely, attending classes virtually, or just participating in online meetings, video calls have likely become part of your daily life. Eye-catching backgrounds can be a great way to add some fun to these calls and help protect your privacy. NIGMS has a collection of biology-themed backgrounds for use with video-call software such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

All of these backgrounds are scientific images from the NIGMS Image and Video Gallery, which contains even more options for you to download and use.

A mosaic of round blue shapes and fuzzy green, purple, orange, and pink shapes. Cells lining a mouse’s airway. Download
A blue four-leaf-clover-like shape with glowing yellow threads. A mouse retina glowing with fluorescent molecules. Download
A purple starburst shape on the left, and a blue four-leaf-clover-like shape with glowing yellow threads on the right. A combined image that includes a fruit fly ovary (left) with the mouse retina. Download
A blue cloudlike structure containing glowing blue threads. Filaments of a protein called actin, which helps provide structure to cells. Download
Intertwined blue, green, yellow, and orange spirals with three pink clusters. Representation of part of a protein found in the membranes of taste-or odor-sensing nerve cells. Download
An arch of green spirals with three small red clusters. Illustration of a protein that’s involved in some bacteria’s response to viral invaders. Download

Here are instructions for changing your background on:

Enjoy adding scientific flair to your video calls!

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