Explore Scientific Imaging Through a Virtual “Internship”

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Students, teachers, and other curious minds can step into a scientific imaging lab with a free online interactive developed by NIGMS and Scholastic. Imaging tools help scientists unlock the mysteries of our cells and molecules. A better understanding of this tiny world can help researchers learn about the body’s normal and abnormal processes and lead to more effective, targeted treatments for illnesses.

Entrances to the virtual imaging labs.

In each virtual imaging lab, you can learn how cryo-electron microscopes, X-ray crystallography, X-ray free electron lasers, and confocal laser scanning enable researchers to study minuscule biological structures. You’ll also meet four NIGMS-supported scientists and find out how they use these tools and techniques in their work.

This interactive was produced as part of Pathways—themed collections of resources for teaching students in grades 6 to 12 about basic science and its importance to health, along with a look into exciting research careers. In addition to interactives, Pathways includes student magazines, teaching guides, videos, and more. All of these materials are available for free on the Pathways webpage.

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