Career Conversations: Q&A with Microbiologist Josephine Chandler


Josephine (Josie) Chandler, Ph.D., first became interested in science when she took a high school chemistry class. In college, she fell in love with microbiology and ultimately earned a Ph.D. in the field. Today, she’s an associate professor of molecular biosciences at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, where her lab investigates interactions in bacterial communities. By better understanding these interactions, scientists may find new ways to stop infections or break down environmental pollutants—a process known as bioremediation.

In a video interview, Dr. Chandler shares her journey as a scientist, her research goals, and her advice for students who want to pursue a scientific career. She also discusses her deep commitment toward fostering diversity and inclusivity in science. As she states, “The more diversity you have in your lab, the better the science, the stronger the science, and the more creative the ideas.”

Dr. Chandler’s research is supported by NIGMS grant R35GM133572.