New STEM Teaching Resource: Biomedical Beat Educator’s Corner

Educator’s Corner logo. A colorful background with a pink circle and white writing with the words “Educator’s Corner” and the NIGMS logo.

We’ve created a free resource for science educators! The Educator’s Corner is a collection of carefully curated Biomedical Beat posts, designed to align with existing NIGMS science education resources, such as Pathways, for middle and high school students. Our new collection offers educators additional tools and ideas to enhance lesson plans, building upon existing science education material that’s already available at no cost.

In the Educator’s Corner, you’ll find blog posts organized by the NIGMS science education resource they align with. Each entry includes a suggested activity for use in classrooms, home schools, and other appropriate settings. Student exercises range from pair-and-shares to simple demonstrations, freewrites, and more.

As new blog posts are published that feature topics aligned with existing NIGMS teaching resources, they will be added to the Educator’s Corner, and snapshots of their educational connection will appear at the bottom of each post. You can subscribe or update content preferences to receive emails when we add new posts to the collection. We’d love to hear how you’re using the Educator’s Corner, so feel free to leave a comment below!

Looking for more great STEM teaching resources? Check out our portal with K-12 STEM materials created or funded by NIH.

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