Engage Learners in Science and Health With Our Kahoots!


NIGMS, in collaboration with Scholastic, has developed a collection of free biology and health activities on the educational app Kahoot! You can play them alone, with friends, or with a class of students. Four Kahoots! are currently available:

The words “Pathways” and “NIH: National Institute of General Medical Sciences” shown over an illustration of a human brain. Beneath the illustration are the words “The Science of Sleep” and “2.4k favorites,” “194.5k plays,” and “324.3k players. The Science of Sleep is the most popular NIGMS Kahoot! to date.

Each activity was produced as part of Pathways—themed collections of resources for teaching students in grades 6 to 12 about basic science and its importance to health, along with a look into exciting research careers. In addition to Kahoot!, Pathways includes student magazines, teaching guides, videos, and more. All of these materials are available for free on the Pathways webpage.

Looking for even more fun and educational interactives? Check out our activities and multimedia webpage.