Looking Back at the Top Three Posts of 2019


Over the past 12 months, we’ve explored a variety of topics in genetics, cell biology, chemistry, and careers in the biomedical sciences. As we ring in the new year, we bring you our top three posts of 2019. If your favorite is missing, let us know what it is in the comments section below!

Amazing Organisms and the Lessons They Can Teach Us

Two Hawaiian bobtail squid with yellow skin, brown spots, and black eyes catching a neon green reflection. Hawaiian bobtail squid. Credit: Dr. Satoshi Shibata.

Studying research organisms, such as those featured in this post, teaches us about ourselves. These amazing creatures, which have some traits similar to our own, may hold the key to preventing and treating an array of complex diseases.

Chromosomally speaking, what do you know about sex? Take a quiz to find out.

Letters X and Y together to represent the XY chromosome against a background of double helixes. Credit: iStock.

Women have two X chromosomes (XX) and men have one X and one Y (XY), right? Not always. Men can be XX and women can be XY. And many other combinations of X and Y are possible.

Pathways: New Scholastic Resources on Basic Science and Career Paths

Cover of Pathways student magazine with the featured question, What’s this and arrows pointing at the cover art showing stained, cultured cells.

In March, we debuted Pathways, a collaboration between NIGMS and Scholastic, Inc. Pathways is a collection of free resources that teach students about basic science, its importance to health, and research careers that students can pursue.